EL.I.S. Lampedusa S.p.A. is an electricity supply company operating in the island of Lampedusa (south of Sicily, Italy), where it owns and operates the power station (installed power between 20 and 25 MW) and the electric energy distribution system in the whole island. For more than 40 years, SELIS has served the community living in the island of Lampedusa as the only supplier of electricity. SELIS has carried out several investments for enhancing the energetic performances and reducing environmental impacts of the oil-fired power station. The interest has been focused recently also to the use of renewable energies and the integration of RE-based systems into the small and delicate electric grid of the island. In the field of scientific research, several pilot systems have been tested within the power station for the specific purpose of energy consumptions optimisation and possible coupling with discontinuous renewable energy systems and waste heat sources.
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