NEMO’s mission is to bring science and technology closer to the public in an interactive and accessible way, in the museum, at schools, at nationwide events and online.
Our vision: Science and technology enable us to better understand the world and ourselves, to develop as human beings, and to prepare the world for the future. NEMO inspires curiosity in both young and old about the power, the importance and the special nature of science and technology.
NEMO Science Museum is an interactive, informal learning environment in which the general public comes into contact with science and technology. Visitors see, hear and experience how scientific phenomena and technology play an important part in their lives. NEMO works closely with the fields of science and education. NEMO is a registered museum and the owner of a significant historical collection. In addition to the full museum experience in the centre of Amsterdam, people can also get a taste of NEMO at Schiphol Airport. Read more about NEMO Science Museum.
NEMO Kennislink: For no less than 14 years, NEMO Kennislink has been reporting on the epic quest called ‘Science’. It has done so online, by means of its well-visited website, and in the form of lectures and more interactive programmes, aimed at fostering dialogue between science & technology and society.
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