Membrane Desalination, 19-22 November 2023, Sitges, Spain

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Membrane Desalination, 19-22 November 2023, Sitges, Spain

The 6th International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology 2023 will be held in Sitges, Spain on 19-22 November 2023.

The escalating population, shifting climate patterns, and expanding urban areas necessitate a rise in freshwater resources, emphasizing the crucial need for sustainable water usage in both industrial and agricultural sectors. Among the most promising solutions is the utilization of seawater and wastewater. Membrane technologies have emerged as the benchmark for desalination, aiming to tackle the worldwide shortage of clean water. Nevertheless, the cost remains a significant barrier hindering widespread adoption of these membranes.

Join leading academic researchers, scientists and engineers from membrane desalination and associated industries as well as representatives of government organisations, international agencies and aid organisations to discuss the latest developments in desalination using membrane technology.

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