6 sector-specific case studies Sea, Urban, and Industrial Water Mining

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Water access and its related energy, environmental and economic issues are one of the greatest challenges for society today.

According to the 2030 Water Resources Group of the World Bank global water demand by 2030 is expected to exceed sustainable water supply. The WATER-MINING project aims to face this challenge and help ensure access to clean water and sanitation by developing innovative solutions for the sustainable use of alternative water sources, including urban and industrial wastewater and seawater desalination.







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The WATER-MINING project is a research and innovation project that has the final purpose to develop more energy efficient technologies for treating wastewater from urban and industrial areas and from desalinization and promote the extraction of valuable products from the residues generated during the process.

The project is called WATER-MING due to the fact that in addition to innovate with more sustainable methods to treat the wastewater and obtain alternatives sources of usable WATER, the project has also the objective to do it while recovering (MINING) some important products from the residues generated during the process.

The project started the 1st September 2020 and lasts for 4 years until the 31st August 2024. With a total budget of 19.1 million euros the project is partly funded (16.9 million euros) by the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation program.

The project is coordinated by the Delft University of Technology from the Netherlands and puts together 38 public and private partners and 4 linked third parties from 12 different countries across Europe.

Many expectations of the project are put into the development of innovative technologies for: 1) a more energy-efficient and less polluting desalination process; 2) a more sustainable techniques for extracting important products from urban wastewater residues such as phosphates and other bio-based valuables products and 3) producing pollution-free industrial wastewater by using a Zero-Liquid-Discharge loop systems.

In addition to these innovative methodologies the project has also the expectations to: 1) increase public attention in water management services and promote new circular economy business models within the wastewater cycle; 2) attract public and private funding for the scaling up of the methodologies developed and 3) ddevelop adequate policy and regulatory documents in accordance with the implementation of the methodologies developed.


The project follows the ultimate purpose to ensure access to clean water clean water and sanitation and in this sense every citizen will benefit of new methods for the obtention of usable water. In addition, administration bodies could also be interested in the outcomes of the project as they might be interested in improving their wastewater management chains. Finally, there is a business opportunity for SMEs and other companies with interests in the scale-up of the methodologies and the market generated by these new sources of bio-based valuable products.

One of the main objectives of the project is to create new circular economy business models within the wastewater cycle. In this sense the project aims to improve the energy-efficiency of the processes but also enhance the recovery of valuable products from the residues and its reuse through the creation of a market place where potential producers and buyers of these valuable products can meet and interact.

If you are interested in following the updates of the project you can visit our website or follow us on the social media channels (Twitter: @watermining and LinkedIn: Water-Mining H2020). If you want to announce and event or news related to the topics of the project you can fill the form available on the website (link). Finally, if you want to be in contact with the coordination or the communication team of the project please send us an email at info@watermining.eu.