WATER-MINING partners launch Kaumera™ methodology guide

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WATER-MINING partners launch Kaumera™ methodology guide

One of the exciting products the WATER-MINING project is dealing with is the development and commercialisation of Kaumera™, the extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) that is extracted from excess aerobic granular sludge obtained from the Nereda™ technology. The product, extracted during wastewater treatment, offers versatile applications. It can be a binder in composite materials, gives materials flame retardant properties and can be used as a biostimulant and coating, which reduces the need for irrigation.??

Standardising becomes necessary. It ensures commercial, academic and public partners produce comparable data which leads to innovations and accelerates commercial developments. This manual compiles standard protocols for Kaumera laboratory extraction and characterization as agreed on by the Dutch Kaumera consortium including Dutch water authorities and water mining partner RHDHV.

Kaumera can offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic polymers and there is a potential production rate of 5-10kg per person per year, which could equate to roughly 20% of plastic demand as of today.??

The EU-funded WATER-MINING project?s Case Study 3, located at the Faro/Olh?o Wastewater Treatment Plant, is demonstrating the feasibility of Kaumera? extraction. More information about the case study can be found here in the form of a factsheet and here in the form of a video.? This Case Study is one of the six that is investigating water-smart and circular solutions in the water treatment sector as part of the WATER-MINING project.??

The production and marketing of Kaumera? is alligned to the project?s aims of finding commercial opportunities in the sector that not only promise to expand new markets but also contribute to a more sustainable approach to the very necessary process of water treatment. For example, the Portuguese case study is exploring ways to integrate systems of recovering nitrogen and phosphorous in the Kaumera? extraction process.??

To facilitate the commercialisation of resources recovered during waste treatment process, WATER-MINING has launched its own Market Place, which connects producers and end-users.??