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WATER-MINING x UN 2023 Water Conference

WATER-MINING highlights circular economy solutions for wastewater treatment at the UN 2023 Water Conference.  

WATER-MINING will present early results of its project pilot sites and explore how to replicate solutions in the global South, where circular wastewater treatment systems could have a significant impact on sustainable development. Coordinator of the WATER-MINING Project, Professor Patricia Osseweijer will participate on the session with Brazil, bringing their expertise and insights to the discussion. They will explore the possibility of Kaumera extraction in Brazil and share their experiences from Portugal. 

The United Nations headquarters stands tall as a symbol of global unity and cooperation, New York City, USAPhoto: The blowup on Unsplash 

In addition to the conference sessions, TU Delft will be organizing several official side events, including Water we waiting for? on 21 March at Barnard College, New York City, which aims to open the UN2023 Water Conference to the world. Water consortia from across the globe will come together in this trans-continental forum to set the Water Action Agenda for sustainable development. 

Another side event Water Innovations for Sustainable Development on 23 March at the UN Headquarters New York | Side Event Room A, with participants engaging in an interactive exercise to prioritize areas of impactful research, innovation, and investment. 

Finally, TU Delft’s Water for Impact exhibit at Water House showcases several innovations, including TAHMO weather stations and Kaumera earrings made from municipal sewage by-products. The exhibit will be open from 20-24 March and will offer visitors a close look at some of the latest developments in circular wastewater treatment.