Water-Mining Living Lab Floating Farm

Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

The Floating Farm

The Floating Farm is a small-scale innovative circular farm located in the port of Rotterdam, addressing animal welfare, sustainable food production, changing landscape conditions and wastewater management. The Floating Farm produces local food based on sustainable and circular principles, aiming for self-sufficiency in water and energy consumption.

The Floating Farm produces its required energy and products inside the city, and will experiment with low-energy water desalination from the river Meuse, as well as urine-water purification to produce reusable water and recover nutrients to be used as fertilizer. Floating Farm has a high public profile and attracts many citizens and local stakeholders to its activities, which engage in value exploration, behavioural reflection, and innovative solutions.

Water-Mining Living lab Ciemat

Almeria (Spain)


The Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA) is located in southern Spain and has become a point of reference in the use of solar energy for desalination. PSA?s infrastructure is contributes to the development of top-quality cutting-edge research, as well as the communication, exchange, and preservation of knowledge, technology transfer, and the promotion of innovation. In particular, PSA focuses on the use of solar thermal energy, both for concentrated solar power production and desalination, and as a WATER-MINING living lab it will support the engagement of stakeholders involved in the water-energy-food nexus through specific events and their regular programme of visits.