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Market & Policy Workshop in Brussels

The WATER-MINING project partners came together for the Market & Policy Workshop held between 7-8 February 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

The first day started with an introduction by Patricia Osseweijer from TU Delft and coordinator of the project, covering the problems, the roles of the project and the value it brings to society, while briefly going over the case studies which will be carried out in Europe, as well as their separate talking  goals.

Image 1. Dr. Àngeles Pereira from the University of Santiago de Compostela during her presentation on business models archetypes in the project. Photo: Jonathan Portelli Norris / REVOLVE

The main talking points in the first day of the workshop were Barriers to Business Models and Green Financing MechanismsWytze van der Gaast from JIN Climate and Sustainability in the Netherlands was the first to present the market barriers and the crucial role of technologies with his talk titled: “WATER-MINING is about technologies, to contribute to the circular economy”.  

Dr. Alberto Turnes, representing Universidad de Santiago de Compostela followed with a presentation on green financing through mini-workshops where financing mechanisms for business models were proposed and addressed.

The second day was focused on Policy Packaging and Measures for Industrial, Sea, and Urban cases of WATER-MINING, presented by Ehud Segal and Jeff Dodick from the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research. 

Image 2. Ehud Segal and Jeff Dodick from the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research during their session. Photo: Jonathan Portelli Norris / REVOLVE

See the agenda of the conference here