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WATER-MINING exhibition at the NEMO science museum: showing sustainable fresh water sourcing

Just as we heard the media tell us over and over again last summer, it is no longer certain if we can expect fresh water to come out of our taps in the future. Not even water-abundant ?countries such as the Netherlands can guarantee consistent fresh water supply in the years to come. In other parts of Europe ? Mediterranean regions in particular ?fresh water shortage is already an everyday reality. This is worrisome, especially considering 60% of our body consists of water and our livelihoods depend on the precious resource. This is precisely why scientists from all over Europe are coming together to collaborate in developing knowledge and technology to meet the growing demand for water in a sustainable way.

The new exhibition at The Studio of NEMO Science Museum as part of the WATER-MINING project offers visitors the chance to engage with this topic through an insightful and fun audio tour.? The tour touches on several ethical topics related to the socio-environmental and economic implications of water desalination (e.g. who should decide the level of water usage?). The exhibition also has a floating circular dairy-farm and crockery & jewelry made form Kaumera (a new material derived from sewer sludge).

Images from the WATER-MINING exhibition at the NEMO Science festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (source: NEMO)


The WATER-MINING exhibition has been developed by NEMO Science Museum in collaboration with partners of the WATER-MINING consortium and will remain at NEMO Science Museum until February 2023. After this date the exhibition will be moved to the Parque de las Ciencias in Granada (Spain) and by the end of 2023 to Cyprus.

The exhibition was designed by Pieter Aartsen from a concept developed by Ilse van Zeeland. The audio tour was performed by Chris Bajema and written by Ferry Piekart and the project managed by Leo van den Bogaert.

For further information please contact: Jeroen Wiegertjes, Head of Science Communication at NEMO Science Museum. Email:

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