WATER-MINING goes global at UN event on World Water Day

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WATER-MINING goes global at UN event on World Water Day

The WATER-MINING project took the opportunity to engage in informative and thought-provoking discussions on water-related topics to mark World Water Day on 22 March during the United Nations Water Conference held in New York (USA) from 21-24 March 2023.?

The holistic approach of WATER-MINING received widespread acknowledgment as a way forward, generating significant interest in the project?s activities. Dr. Phillip Wilfert from TU Delft presented the project, accompanied by compelling visuals such as banners, flyers, and tangible examples of the project?s outcomes, including Kaumera items like earrings and building materials, as well as vivianite. WATER-MINING was prominently featured alongside other initiatives like Water for Impact and Tahmo.?

The WATER-MINING project?s involvement in World Water Day was not restricted to New York, however. In Campinas, Brazil, Professor Patricia Osseweijer, the Project Coordinator, had the opportunity to present the project?s approach, focusing on the implementation of circular wastewater treatment plants. This initiative aims to recover valuable products and create local value chains that can incentivize the construction and maintenance of sanitation systems worldwide. The event in Campinas showcased a problem statement from Brazil and offered a suggested solution, featuring a WATER-MINING video pitch on Kaumera. Additionally, WATER-MINING participated in a student pitch, a panel discussion involving representatives from Brazil and EAWAG and a presentation by Santech.?

In addition to the conference sessions, TU Delft organized several official side events, including Water We Waiting For? held on 21 March at Barnard College, New York.?Water consortia from across the globe came together in this trans-continental forum to set the Water Action Agenda for sustainable development.?

Another side event, Water Innovations for Sustainable Development, took place on 23 March in the UN Headquarters building in New York. Participants engaged in an interactive exercise to prioritise areas of impactful research, innovation, and investment.?

Finally, TU Delft’s Water for Impact exhibit at Water House showcased several innovations, including TAHMO weather stations and Kaumera earrings made from municipal sewage by-products. The exhibit was open from 20-24 March, offering visitors a closer look at some of the latest developments in circular wastewater treatment.?

To learn more about WATER-MINING?s presence at the New York events, please visit the official website of New York Water Week here.?