WATER-MINING Site Visit in Larnaca, Cyprus

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WATER-MINING Site Visit in Larnaca, Cyprus

The Larnaca Sewerage and Drainage Board in co-operation with the Delft University of Technology organized a site visit at Larnaca Wastewater ?Treatment Plant, aiming the showcase the outcome and advancements of the CS4 pilot system installed at the Larnaca Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Image 1. NTUA representative Maria Kyriazi presenting updates during the case study visit. Photo: WATER-MINING

The visit was accompanied by Arnoldas Milukas, Violeta Kuzmickaite, Prof. Maria Loizidou (SEALEAU), Constantinos Loizou (NTUA), Katerina Kalli (LARNACA), Maria Kyriazi (NTUA), Angelos Hadjicharalambous (LARNACA).

During the visit, representatives from the Sewage and Drainage Board of Larnaca and the National Technical University of Athens showcased the successful results achieved over the course of two years through the pilot system. Additionally, the participants emphasized the noteworthy discoveries derived from three Community of Practices initiatives, focusing on areas such as Value Sensitive Design, a comprehensive Market Mapping exercise, the development of new policy recommendations, and an initial full-scale techno-economic analysis.

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